Marketing, Sourcing & Trade financing


We maintain a worldwide network of offices to provide marketing services for steel mills and sourcing services for steel buyers. Our staff is very experienced, well educated and versed in the local language and customs. We provide tailor-made services to each of our clients, specially formulated to suit their specific needs. We ensure that all orders are executed smoothly, and we give equal importance to after-sales services. When acting as the principal in the business we confirm the contract, take the logistics and credit risks and invoice the buyer.


Our company is actively involved in the sourcing of raw materials for the production of steel and finished steel. Our global presence enables us to supply to buyers anywhere in the world. Steel Mont Trading company ships steel and a whole range of other ferrous metal products to buyers across the globe. We currently source raw materials like iron ore, coal, coke, pig iron, Ferro-alloys from the CIS countries, India, Brazil, and China. Our steel supplies come from India, China, Europe and the CIS countries, particularly Ukraine, Byelorussia and Russia. Our regular sources in the CIS are plants, Dnipropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, BMZ in Byelorussia, MMK in Russian Federation and others.

Trade financing

Steel Mont Company provides financial solutions in our specialized areas of trading. We fully understand the needs of our suppliers and customers, and combine this with our well-established financial expertise and excellent credit rating to provide tailor-made financial solutions to suppliers and customers. We maximize the advantages for our customers and suppliers by designing credits, foreign exchange and other financial services to their needs.
  Quality Management Systems ISO 9001-2008